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Sound Quality

Save for the missing VLE I mentioned above this has supreme tone quality!

Does not go deep, but is very loud for it's size.

I could compare it to a roland BAss Cube with a tad less lowend


The fan on the back started buzzing the first moment I used it.

It buzzes only for a few seconds at startup.

One of the things I don't like is that the fan is always rotating at maximum speed!

This wears out the fan, and I'm affraid it is already worn out (that's why the buzz)...

But 2 years down the road, I'm still happily using it!

General Comments

The reason why an 8, is because many people would not find any justification for $500 worth of money for such a small amp.


It is a practice amp only, but I can use it for my EWI or piano at pretty crazy loud volumes!

If your instrument is mid frequency based (like guitar or piano), you could barely use it as an amp for your instrument in live settings. But as it is a bass amp, it can not amplify the bass loud enough in band play. It is good for playing accoustic bass, and for playing in bands with percussion and an electric guitarist with a 20W amp or less, and unamplified singers.

Good for your 6 man band quick rehearsal behind the scenes in a bedroomsized room.

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