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Sound Quality

this is where the bass fails a bit!

I read about this bass in magazines, and owning the older SRX505 bass, with bolton neck and basswood body, and heard the SRX305 bolton with ash body, I thought this one would really rule them all!

Instead the neckthrough design fixes some of the issues the above basses had with the bolton neck, namely that the lower 2 (DG)strings had volume issues (not as loud as the upper strings).

But this came at a great price!

The sound quality of the SRX505 neckthrough is only a fraction of the quality of the bolton necks I find!

On top of that, the whole SRX series sound really nice (rear pickup a la Jacko) in the bedroom, but as soon as you take them on a larger stage, the mids and highs get drowned in the lowend.

This was not an amplifier issue, as I noticed this on several amps.

Another thing is the elixir strings that come with them, don't sound very good.

They give you a good bell sound around 2kHz, but the higher frequencies above 6kHz (like fretbuzz, stringsqueeking, and a just bright slap sound you can not attain with these)!

On top of that, these strings may not lose their brightness in the 2khz area quickly, but they do lose their 6kHz (bright) sound as soon as within a 2 weeks!

I switched my strings for d'addario's, which somewhat improved the sound.

This bass is excellent to play with a pick, in Rock sessions, but not so good for pop or solo's as most of the bass's nice feats are drowned in the massive lowend you get out of this axe, or you need to start tweaking the onboard EQ everytime you play soft or loud!


This axe is as hard as the Swamp Ash body goes!

So far, no problems with the electronics neither, something I like less about ibanez basses is that at least one knob overtime goes loose, but so far none of that!

General Comments

It's a little a drawback buying this bass.

If I had known I would have waited another 6 months, and purchased their SR705 bass instead,

excellent looking, and with (Korean made) Bartolini MK-1 pickups.

Had these pickups before, and have to say they are pretty good for the price!

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