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Sound Quality

Sound quality is very good of at least 4 instruments, soso of another 3 instruments, and just plain useless of the remaining samples.

Like mentioned, the EWI USB is a MIDI controller, and since it does not make any sound, I comment on the samples provided with the software here.

The soundquality could get 9,5, or close to 10 with samplemodelling's software!


I gave this a 7, because the metal buttons started to corrode after I had smeared some sunlotion on my hands as the manual described (since I did not have regular lotion, I used some sunlotion with tea extract; I supposed the acids in the lotion corroded the metal knobs in 2 weeks, leaving them black).

The corrosion does not affect the playability however.

What is more accountable for a low score here, is that the controller is affected by the person playing it being grounded or not.

It is an electronic device that sends electric signals through the fingers and hands, and when you're standing barefoot on a large metal surface, wet surface, or have your bare legs touch a large metal object like a desk, the currents get lost somewhere, and the EWI won't play back normally, and get stuck.

It took me a while to figure that out, so best thing is get your rubber shoes on, and you can play anywhere with it!

But it is an inconvenience in student bedrooms on hot summer days.

General Comments

I would give it an 8,5 ; but did not want to pair this device with the average devices rated around 8.

The pro's are the price and versatility.


The cons are the low quality on the majority of the samples, build quality has some flaws, the device was a tad too heavy (visit EWIUSB.COM to learn how to remove internal weights of the device), and the bad technical support.


I've been using the EWI USB slightly over  a year, with success.

If you use it right, it will function just as it needs to! No breakdowns yet; although the majority of the program work depends on your computer hardware or laptop.

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