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Sound Quality

I originally heard the MS-40. They sounded much better IMHO. I purchased the MS-20 because of their smaller size, but when they arrived, they could not serve as a studio monitor.

They work well as piano, keyboard, or synthesizer monitors; and good in live settings where you have 3 unamplified singers, one or two accoustic guitars.

They mainly are aimed for your multi media experience on the internet, not meant to watch DVD's with (as they don't have the power to make you feel the sound, and somewhat lack the lowend).

I give it rating 7, because I needed to add bass and treble to make it sound better (around 1 o clock).

This made the speakers a bit muddier, so not meant for recording, although you could use them to create a demo, that will be further finetuned with some real gear!


I give it a 9, because it never broke on me in the 3 years I had them. I gave them to a friend who needed some; while I bought better quality (trice as expensive) monitors.

General Comments

They are great monitors for the price, but as usual with monitors this calibre, they lack the real deep lowend. I would save up a couple of bucks for the MS-40, who seem to me a lot better for only a small increase in price..

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