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Nemesis N28S Silver Series Bass Combo

Sound Quality

I used two basses on it, but due my testing of tonns of basses I can easely say which amp is good, and which one is not. I am a rear pickup player (bridge), and used a Status-like bass (with graphite neck) sounded AWESOME!!. And used a dean with double humbucker. this amp made any bass sound better! It has lots of bite, and enough deep for a 4 string. Only minus is the bass EQ goes downto 45-60Hz, and the lowest deep sound can not be raised by the EQ. I would have wanted this amp to have little more deep sound, and something more like 200W of power. It is due to it's 2x8" very growly, wonderfull lowmids, good lows, and nice brights. A very 'attack' kind of driver (not muddy sounding at all!!) In my setting I could open the gain almost all the way. It surprised me how far I could go on this one! Because of soundquality, and the loudness which this amp produced, and because that surprised me I gave it a 9


It's not really a GIG amp! But a practice amp. Advised would be to add one, or 2 x 2ohms cabs, since it has serial connection, not parallel ext. speaker connection. This amp is very recent. I don't think it'll break down very easely.

General Comments

I've been more busy with finding my right gear, then really playing. Own some markbass gear, some Ibanez, some Fender, Toby bass, etc...


If my current gear would be stolen, I would seriously consider buying this amp for a practice amp.

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