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Sound Quality

I used a Jazz bass on this amp, though I often play with humbuckers too. I'm not a P-pickup player that much. I often play funk, jazz, pop, rock, and softies. The amp is not the most quiet amp in the world, but it's definately not noisy neither. When I heard the sound of this amp, there was only one thought going through my mind: SOLID! Just like it's manufacturing, it's been made really solid, and you can hear it's not going to break down, at least not within the coming 20 years or so. Best sound per dollar I've ever heard!


It's really a dependable amp. The only disadvantage is the wheight. It's been made out of solid wood and steel, which makes the manifacturing cheaper, but also heavier. It's really one heavy bastard once you plug it in! It has never broken down, nor anyone ever hearing it break down ever since. Looking at the structure, it will probably last a century.

General Comments

I played for about 3 years through tonns of amps; markbass, Laney, Ibanez, Rogue, Eden, Nemesis, Roland, ... etc...

I owned tonns of bassguitars: Lots of Staggs for testing and learning purposes, Fender Classic Jazz bass, Ibanez SR and SRX 505, Hohner IV bass, etc... etc..

I have not bought this amp, only tested it. It passed on nearly all fields except the wheight as it wheighs about 30Kgs (65LBS), for only 100W, and my Roland practice amp wheighs only 17kgs '37.4LBS) for that power.

But should I be in need of an amp to be stationary somewhere (eg rehearsal room), and have only little money, I'd definately choose this over Behringer, or Laney. Both of them are about the same wheight but less nice sounding.

I could compare this as a budget series of the EBS amps. As the EBS amps look a bit allike, and sounds a bit like that too.


I wished the same quality could be made but only tonns lighter, at least half the wheight, but then everyone knows London City will lose their sound, which makes them so unique.


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