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Sound Quality

Id give it a 9 for sound quality, only because I can imagine there are better ones(but probably not in this price range). Just running it between my amp(Blues Jr) and guitar it is amazing. It's a tweaking pedal, let's you tweak your sound a bit closer to "it". The output level slide is what really makes this pedal for my rig, I dig the bluesy overdrive of my amp but I can really kick it off with this pedal to a whole 'nother level, just feels raw... Great for boosting lead work, and cleaning up and focusing your clean tones. I was actually about to replace my pickups before I got this, but it really enhances them and lets me get rid of some of their harshness in the mid-high range I was looking to change.


Hasn't broke yet...but I havent had it very long.

General Comments

This is my first eq pedal so I can't really compare it with anything else, so if it ever got stolen I would probably try something else, see if I can upgrade to something a bit more diverse(a 10 band eq). That said though... I really like this pedal and would hate to lose it. It keeps the tone of my guitar really well, and runs buzz free. I play mostly bluesy type rock, and it really pulls my sound together so I love it.

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