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Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah-Wah Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I dont know why so many people complain about the sound, aside from when its all the way up it sounds great. But when its all teh way up its so trebly. i use it with a laney tf320 into a DOD fx64 - big muff - sd1 - hendrix wah - telecaster. It sounds really good aside from the treble and volume drop of the initial turn on. And, i can get the wicka wicka sound witch is strange seeing as no one else can. Very strange. IM giving it an 8 because of the volume drop.


Its VERY reliable, its hard as a rock. the only thing that will need replacing is hte felt. witch really sucks after its worn, makes it really hard to use. I got it for free, it wasnt really a matter to me weather it was reliable or not.

General Comments

I play stuff like rush and experimental stuff and it works great for that ive been playing 3 years, if it was stolen id definetly replace it. but i really wish it was true bypass.

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