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Sound Quality

My setup is Laney TF320 - DOD ice box - Big muff - Boss SD-1 - dunlop JH-1 wah - Fender telecaster. Its not noisy at all, the effects always sound great except when the batteries start to go on it. I can definetly get the sound of alot of good songs, it works well. With distortion it often gets overpowered


Its not very reliable wtihout a sepreate power supply, it goes through batteries fast. I would definetly use it on a gig, if i had fresh batteries.

General Comments

I play alot of rush and mars volta and stuff like it, it works quite well with it ive been using it for a year and it works great wtih my setup, but you have to put it before the distortion or its easily overpowered. If it was stolen i would buy another if i could find one, definetly. I love the sound, i hate how fast it eats up batteries. It definetly adds new possiblities to music its great. This is a great pedal, dont let people tell you otherwise. Dont beleive me? try it out.

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