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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

i never thought i'd be playing this guitar because i love tremolo bars, i hate emg pickups, i wanted a maple guitar, and i did'nt like the 26.5" scale neck. that should account to 4 strikes, that's more than enough for a strikeout, so the first time i saw the guitar i scoffed at it. i was looking more at a carvin 7 string because the finish options are better, the necks are great, i could get a tremolo, and they can be made of maple. however when i played this guitar i immediateled noticed the incredibly balanced dynamics the emg pickups gave me, which for metal is great. the next thing i noticed was the large scale neck. i thought it as easy to get used to at first, but i thought wrong. my playing suffered for a couple months as i got used to it. the quality of the instrument made up for my lack of virtuosity. i'm only now realizing 6 months after i bought the guitar that i'm finally completely used to it. it's a fantastic sounding guitar actually, and being the sceptic that i am i expect at some point i'm going to find some shoddy craftsmanship, or something that makes me say "ohhh that's how schecter builds guitars this cheap!". that never happens though, and this guitar sounds good through everything i've played it through. so here's where we really get into it. if you're not playing metal, or something relatively heavy, this guitar may not be for you. the emgs give it a modern tone that may not be so good for anything but rock or metal. then again, why would you buy this guitar if you were'nt playing rock or metal?


no problems yet, not even a scratchy pot. i traded the strap buttons for locks, so i can't really comment on those. i do remember my guitar falling a couple times before i bought the locks though.

General Comments

if you want a 7 string for metal, this is probably your best buy for the price. fantastic craftsmanship and great tone for 750$. i want schecter to endorse me, cause after this guitar i don't wan't to play anything else. my other guitar has a musicman petrucci model, and this walks all over his guitar in my opinion.

if you want to hear one of these in action, check out the newer tracks on www.unraveledmusic.com, the left guitar is this, and a line 6

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