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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] [Tone] The Rio Grande pickups are brighter than the other sets that I compared them to, essentially confirming the Guitar Player review (hot damn, a review that actually tells you something useful.) These picups were bright, punchy, with a pinched midrange (as in the review, the opposite of the Frailins). [Sonic evaluation] After listening to four strats in a row, all four sounded excellent. The Rio Grandes were the brightest, then the Frailins, and finally the Texas Specials were the darkest. These three all compared favorably to the vintage strat, and are excellent choices for upgrading. The Rio Grandes have that "oh,yeah" sound. I guess in this league, you definately get your moneys worth from this product (also true for the other two sets mentioned here, but there are already several reviews of the other two sets posted.) [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] I guess the heavy metal-thrash-grunge-pre-pubescent power boys wouldn't like these, but why would they be looking at these anyways. These pickups are what is needed to tell everyone exactly what a strat is all about anyways.



General Comments

[Comments] Satisfaction? Oh yeah!


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