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Sound Quality

Better than the GSP 21, but it still sucks. The 12ax7 tube inside doesn't do you too much good tone wise, although I guess it is better than nothing. I found it impossible to make good tones without resorting to TONS of effects. This is a great unit for FX heavy players, or people desiring a different tone per song--which is what I used to do. It would trip people out that none of our songs sounded like any others and part of the trick was this unit--and using a keyboardist that had different presets for each song. The only thing that stayed the same were the vocals, bass and drums. It was kinda cool I guess. Overall, I wouldn't recommend if you are after a lively tone. This is best for people that have mediocre amps like Crates or Peavey, because it would be heresy to ruin a JCM 800 or Hiwatt with this things digital anemia.


Was robust all the time I had it, and I used it a lot for a few years. But, digital stuff can tend to go *poof* on you without much of a warning, so I don't trust it.

General Comments

Well, this was PART II of my epic mistake period for guitar tone--Part I was when I had the GSP 21. Stupid me, I was disatisfied with the GSP 21 so I bought its latest incarnation. It was pretty good for the time I guess, it offered a lot of power: but not good tone, which was all I was really after.


Overall, I figure I wasted about 1000 bucks on those two processors (unit cost minus what I sold them for). Sometimes I just want to kick myself when I think back a decade ago and the stupid crap I bought, when I could have gotten something good for the same money.


Take heed when buying new technologies. Depend on the proven equipment, not some stupid fad like POD's.

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