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Michael McGlenn

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Currently I'm running my ESP M-1 Custom with an EMG 81 along with my Ibanez RG220 with Carvin M22's. I used the UK settings the most, they did a good job on these models. I found the Vox and Nu Metal/ Soldano settings a joke. Just to mushy.But now I am running the Boutique Clean with a Boss Metal Zone and a Digitech RP80 and am the most satisified with this arrangement. This gives me the great RP amp models, beautiful clean with effects, and if I need to heat it up I run the Metal Zone into the RP 80 setup real hard and clean with no amp models. Sounds Great. I set up the AD50VT channel presets for lead boost, with or without effects.


Had it for a year now with no troubles.

General Comments

I did this review just to let everyone know about my cool find!

A lot of people are plagued by the short footswitch cable, but I have found a solution. American Musical Supply sells a 25' Straight Headphone Extention Cable. Plugged in line you now have a 30' cable for stage work. Works like a charm for $6.95. Just wanted to pass on the info.

Overall for the money I have not found a better rig for me. Over my 25 years of playing I've owned 2 JCM800 Halfstacks, a Boogie Mark 3 combo, 2 Carvin X-60B Halfstacks and a Fender twin. I sold all of my gear in 1990 and am starting to play again. If you spend the time tweaking it, this is a good overall amp.

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