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Sound Quality

Setup: Epiphone Special Model (trash) -> Boss Mt-2 -> Boss Ge-7 -> Marshall VS100R 1x12 Combo Amp -> Digitech Rp-2000 in the effects loops of the amp (for modulation type effects only). There is a slight hum, but nothing to worry about and nothing a Noise Gate/Supressor/Reduction box won't fix. As all the reviews say, this is a great companion for the Boss Mt-2. It turns the already great distortion into a better one. I've achieved a good death metal sound (that dark-sounding Cannibal Corpse type tone), and recently a tone that sounds similair to old Metallica. Work w/ this unit! It took me over a week to come up w/ my Metallica tone for it. I realized i was cutting the mids way too much, and it was making the distortion too hollow sounding in my opinion. So mess around w/ it. A general U or V shape will work well for playing Metal.


No response for obvious reasons.

General Comments

I play mainly heavy metal. This is a great match to make any distortion box better, more fine tuned to your tastes, and heavier if you'd like. If you own an Mt-2, look into getting this pedal. I've been playing for almost three years now. If it was lost I would definitly go buy a new one, no doubt about it. I love its ability to turn my Boss Metal Zone into a sick distortion that has amazing palm muting. It is also good for clean sounds, can make it sound fuller.

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