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Sound Quality

It's great for distortion. It's called the "super distortion", what did you expect? The distortion is smooth, with high output and a fairly balanced sound-- plenty of low end through midrange power, but still with enough high end to make those harmonics cut through. It can make great chunky or "crunchy" distortion without making your amp sound like fuzz-- it can overdrive the piss out of anything but doesn't lose smoothness, in other words. Unlike other pickups I've played, though this could just as easily be the guitar this one happens to be installed in, low notes don't drown out high notes. A power chord is a chord, not the bottom string only. Notes played over a string ringing out can actually be heard. The less said about the clean sound the better. It sounds weak and distorted, with a slightly lacking midrange and more definition than clean pickups should have-- it's harsh, not accurate sounding. I switch the neck pickup, a stock BC Rich pickup in this case, for clean sounds.



General Comments

Having not heard the Duncan Invader or any of the EMG active pickups, I don't know whether they'd be the best choice or if I'd get another one of these if I needed a new pickup. It sounds great for heavy metal power chords (like the intro to Master's Apprentices by Opeth) and for solos, it's got an awesome lead tone.

As for the value-- the guitar I got this is was priced as if I was getting a free guitar thrown in with a pickup, not the other way around. The whole package was so ridiculously cheap that I can't really complain about the value of any of the parts. If I were to buy this for the $70 it sells for though, I'm not sure it'd be worth it. The BC Rich neck pickup does it's job (clean sounds) really really well. If the BC Rich bridge pickup the guitar originally came with did its job (distortion) as well as that, then I wouldn't need this Super Distortion. On a guitar that doesn't come with good pickups in the first place, though, it would absolutely be worth the price paid-- which happens to be on the low end in terms of upgrade humbuckers, many are over $100, well past that if they're actives.

Reviewer's Background

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