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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I'm running a tc electronic m*one processor through the effects loop of the jmp1. Then from the jmp1 through a BBE Sonic Maximizer, then into a Peavey PV900 power amp, which is all controlled via midi by a behringer fcb1010. Lemme tell ya... this thing is mean at all volumes. The other guitar player in my band uses a mesa boogie dual caliber combo into a cabinet and his shit is amazing sounding. Now, I'm not one of those people who says "My shit blows boogie out of the water..." I think Boogies are some of the best amps out there. But the Marshall JMP-1 definitely stands up to my other guitar player's boogie. Both amps have pros and cons, but if i had to pick... i'd take the jmp-1 over the boogie just because of it's versatility!


It has yet to let me down. I would gig without a backup because i don't have a choice either way... i'm poor!! :-) haha but all kidding aside, this preamp seems tough, and luckily i have a pretty strong skb case just in case. One thing is that I bought it used off of ebay, and the data knob seems a little funny. Thats the only thing. Other than that, it's straight!

General Comments

I'm in a numetal band (ala 40 below, twisted method). This amp is perfect. i owned a peavey 5150 before this one and i took a gamble on selling it to buy this jmp1. I'm glad i did because i can come close to the muddy 5150 tone by messing with my maximizer, but i love the smooth, clean distortion tones. I like to hear the notes i play with the distortion. THe only other preamp i considered playing with was the mesa boogie Triaxis. I played that one next to the jmp1 at the music store and there wasn't too much difference between either one. The jmp1 was meaner sounding, and the Triaxis was just too polished of a tone. I like the "messy"er distortion. It seems less fabricated.


This preamp does everything i want it to do, and more. I'm really pleased by it. I wasn't sure at first but definitely a good investment and I'm sure i'll be using it for many many years to come.

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