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Sound Quality

Currently my sinal chain (which is constantly evolving) goes like this: Fender strat (with SD little '59 in bridge), to boss OC-2 octave, to Ibanez TS-5 tubscreamer, to Ibanez SML super metal, to MXR phase 90, to Danelectro hashbrowns flanger, to the FX65, whose two outputs go to both channels of my Ampeg Gemini 22 amp. The effect isnt noisy at all. I used to have a Boss Dimension C, that i used for chorus and to split my signal, but i sold it for much more than i paid for it. This pedal sounds just as good, and has more flexibility, (since it has knobs). I really like the D-time knob, which can really change the character of the chorus. It also doesn't lower the output when you step on it like the dimension C did. Pls it mixwes well with my ither effects, (a slow phase combined with a fast shimmering chorus sounds really cool.) Seriuosly, i know dod pedals are kinda lame, but this is an exception to their usuall shit. it not "pristine", but great for analog (who wants pristine anyways)


People usually rag on DOD pedal for this, which is unfair. I owned a DOD Classic Fuzz(my first pedal) for 4 years, played many a house party with it (high-school parties), and it never fucked up. I never even lost the battery cover. They are totally made of metal (except switch) and built solidly. This pedal, is even older than my fuzz (got it used) and is in perfect working condition. The only thing i dislike about DOD's is it is too easy to engage and disengage the effect, by barekly touching the footswitch

General Comments

Very cool, mainly wanted the dual outputs again after selling the dimension C, but has a vary cool sound to it. Definely worth the 20 bucks.

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