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Sound Quality

I have run it after a vox wah through my fender princeton chorus, which is driven by an esp 7 string.I jacked the bass on the EQ and almost ripped my amp a new asshole, so i backed off the lows.The pedal has excellent bypass,and doesnt cut any tone when its activated,but you may notice a hiss when your not playing.Minor problem.This will give you the boost your looking for,if you want to overpower your amp,or clean up your sound,it holds its own in the lineup.Worth the money


Boss pedals woulnt die..dont try to kill it.No backup.Kick ass shit.

General Comments

I compared this with a boss mt-2 metal zone,mainly because i wanted a heavier sound.My amp distortion kicked ass,so i thought i might beef it up with some Eq'ing.I play in the styles of hammett,malmsteen,vie and wylde,and it does em all.This pedal works well for recording or live work,and wil last a hell of a long time on batteries(even though i went ahead and bought the adapter).If you want to add some punch to your amp,go for this peadal.

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