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CreamWare Minimax ASB Authentic Sound Box Synthesizer

Sound Quality

don't know if it actually sounds like the minimoog, as i never had one. the guy who sold me the minimax sold it because he bought a real minimoog, and told me that "you need a well trained hear to notice the difference", don't know if this is true, but fact is that the minimax sounds awesome, and in a busy mix the difference between it and a real analog would probably be extremely little. for basses and leads it's a monster machine, the sound is seriously fat and powerful even with only one oscillator. the pads are stunning, synth clavs are very funny and nice, and you can even get a decent organ sound. with all its limited features, this synth turns out to be extremely versatile just because you can make a limited variety of sounds with it, but almost every single sound is good.


seems solid, and i plan to gig with it. there are of course several bugs (other reviewers already speaked enough about them so i won't repeat the same things), and this is why i give it a 8 instead of a 10.

General Comments

I think i have made a very good choice. i really like this synth, and i recommend it to everyone involved in every musical genre with the need of analog sounds, from seventies progressive rock to synergy-like electronica passing through fusion and pop. finally, the gap between virtual analog and true analog is small enough to be balanced by the fact that vas don't need to be tuned, don't need to be repaired every year and do NOT cost (not always, at least) more than 3000 dollars.


if you only like techno or IDM there are far better choiches, of course.


better analog emulation than everything else in the same price range and often better than more expensive units. virtual ANALOG, not VIRTUAL analog, get it? creamware did it right!


about the price: on ebay they are extremely hard to find second hand. in europe they are sold for over 700 euros, so if you find one (but i don't think you will be able to) for less than 500 euros buy it immediately.


the new prodissey should be more than worth a look however!

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