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Z. Rell

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

It sounds really good with a really good power amp. I personally use a Mesa 2:90, and it kicks ass! (Leave the deep switching off on the Mesa)The Marshall has a bass shift button that adds low end and if you use both, it gets strange. If you want to hear what this thing can do then listen to "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" by the Pumpkins! Corgan and Iha pretty much covered the tone board with all kinds of guitar tracks to listen to. I am using the Mesa 2:90 Marshall JMP-1 T.c. Electronics G-system Two 1x12 Woodring Cubes with Celestion G12T-75's G&L S-500 w/ Dimarzio HS-3(bridge) HS-2's(Neck, Middle) Also, I changed the Pre-amp tubes in the Marshall and Mesa to JJ Ecc83S's and I put JJ 6L6 GC's for power tubes. BACK THE FUCK UP!!! If your looking for a sound that is unique and natural, then you have found it. If you want the sound of a JCM800 and that's it, then buy one of those. Yes, this does sound a bit different but you have to realize that it is a different animal. Yes, it is a little noisy on the OD channels. Duh! Hush it out if ya need to.


Never had a problem with it and I have spend every fucking dollar I have on all this gear so I can't afford a back up. I'm not worried. I take care of my shit, and it takes care of me.

General Comments

I desire versatility!!! I need to go from hear to there and back in no time. This is the best match for me and if it were stolen I would kill that mother {censored}er and put it back into my rack where it belongs:) I have been playing for 16 years. I chose Marshall because I love the beauty (some) of there amps produce. They, like everyone, make some {censored}, but I truly feel that I struck gold when I bought this pre-amp.


As far as what style of music that I write and play, well, search for "bamboo needle" on myspace and you can hear a little of what I sound like.


Every piece of gear you buy matters!!! If you buy a {censored}ty power amp and try to run this thing, it probably will sound like {censored}. Who knows, it may be perfect for you. My point is, that most players who buy a quality piece of gear like the Marshall JMP-1 and give bad reviews either don't know what they have bought/ what the hell it does, or they haven't figured out what THEY want yet. So again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK:)


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