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Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I use my C-7 Blackjack with a Carvin Legacy 100W amp w/4x12" Legacy cab. I also tried it with my Tech 21 Trademark 60. Here's my settings for my Carvin: Reverb at 5-6 Clean Channel Treble 7.5 Mid 7 Bass 7.5 Presence knob ON Distortion Channel Presence 4 Treble 7 Mid 7.5 Bass 7 Drive 8-9.5 Here's my main pedalboard (as in chain): Boss TU-2 > Morley Bad Horsie Wah > Boss NS-2 (Send to Chorus Ensemble-Returm from Phase 90) > MXR Supercomp > Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi (USA) > B.K. Butler Tube Driver (OD) > B.K. Butler Tube Driver (w/Extra Bias Knob) (Mild OD or Clean boost) > Xotic AC Plus > Xotic RC Booster > MXR Phase 90 EVH > Boss CE-5 > Boss PS-5 > T-Rex Tremster > Boss FV-300L > Boss DD-3 The clean sound is very "massive". It sounds more like a Gibson, with the mahogany body you have a really bassy massive sound. Very versatile. This guitar fills the gap between my Fender Fat-Strat USA (w/Fender noiseless singlecoils & Seymour Duncan JB Bridge PU) and my Jackson King-V USA (Seymour Duncan '59 Neck PU & JB Bridge PU). The distorted sound is great, but I think it lacks a bit of "heavyness" when I compare it with my Jackson(with same PU). It seems like it doesn't "take" the distortion sound as much as my 6-string Jackson... but I also compare it to a 2000$ guitar... so it's not that bad ! But for the rest it's really great. It doesn't sound muddy at all, real crispy and tight high ends with great mids and lows (but that's also the work of my Carvin amp... but it has the same great qualities with my Tech 21). I also have to say that this guitar has a "grainy" sound, you really hear the wood resoning and that's really great... I think that the string-thru body bridge really helps on that ! ;op I also tried it with a metal distortion pedal and it sounds really great and really heavy. and I tried it with my other overdrives and distortions and it responds really well !!! (BK Tube Drivers, Xotic AC Plus and EH Big Muff). My main goal when I purchased this guitar was to play Dream Theater, Nervermore, Mercenary and Steve Vai songs. But it will also help me when I'll compose new songs. I really like the low and mid frequencies (in general) and the Extra low "B" string is perfect for me ! I'm pretty sure that this guitar could be really versatile (Blues, Rock, Jazz, progressive and Metal). It really suits my style. I think that for the price YOU CAN'T HAVE A BETTER 7-STRING GUITAR !!! This guitar can easily be compared with any 700$-1600$ guitars from Well-know brands. It's really well made for a guitar in this price range (500$-700$). My only "dislikes" are about the fat-neck (it's not too fat, but it's bigger than my Jackson's neck) and the lack of "distortion" when the distortion channel is ON(but that's maybe my amp or the pick-ups). PROS: *see "Features" *Versatility *Massive sound CONS: *see "features" *Lack of "distortion" with a distorted sound (at least with my amp)


I just bought it... so I cannot say but it seems well-made.


General Comments

I play the guitar since 1995. I studied in jazz music but I play mostly rock, blues, progressive and metal music.


I own a Fender Fat-Strat USA, a Jackson King-V USA, a Simon&Patrick Mahogany Pro acoustic guitar and a Jasmine Classical guitar. My main amp is a Carvin Legacy 100W with a 4x12" Carvin Legacy CAB. I also own a lot of guitars pedals (see pedalboard in "Sound").


and this is my first 7-string guitar... but I was "shopping" since 2006... and I think this is the best 7-string guitar you can get for that price ! and another customer (in the Harmony-central reviews) also said that this guitar is better than his Carvin DC727... wich was the other guitar I was looking for ! But I didn't have the money for it because I wanted some customizations... and it would have cost me around 1700$ !!! and this guitar cost me 700$ so the choice was easy !


If I were stolen I would probably buy another one or buy the Hellraiser model. You simply can't buy this high quality 7string guitar below 1000$-1500$ with other brands !


My only BIG disappointment was the case... it's really cheap... the inside is really good-looking and neat, but the "whole case" is really cheap.



Reviewer's Background

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