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Dave Wiese

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Effects Pedal Original Reissue

Sound Quality

This is not a high gain distortion. If your trying to set the world on fire with your awesome guitar-shredding drive, forget it. It's an OVERDRIVE pedal. The TS-9 is great for adding a little grit, low overdrive, or run 2 together for even more drive. Plus if you want to get more of the oldschool TS 808 sound, you can swap op-amp chips.


Had mine for 10 years now and no problems.

General Comments

The quintessential basic drive pedal. When I bought mine, I needed a pedal for that night, my effects prosessor crapped out on me earlier that week. I went to a botique guitar shop and tried alot ov distortion/overdrive units, including Z-vex and Fulltone. I ended up leaving with my TS-9 reissue. I may do the mod on it, but I just haven't felt it exceptionally necessary.

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