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Dave Wiese

Ibanez AEB50C Hardshell Case for AEB10 Acoustic Bass

Sound Quality

Warm acoustic sound, pretty much what you'd expect from any acoustic bass that's not a Taylor. The mahogony keeps it a bit darker. When I plugged it in, I was able to get rather warm tones that mimic the acoustic sound quite nicely, plus I was able to get that sizzly tone that's made me hate acoustic/electrics since the 90's. Bottom line: great acoustic sound for cheap.


This lasted through my guitarist buying it used, and tossing it around and letting his kids play with it. If it can survive that; it should be able to withstand a nuclear holocaust.

General Comments

Been playing since 1992 and this is the first acoustic bass I've ever actually owned. The only acoustic bass I've ever played that really stood out to me soundwise was a Taylor, but I can't see investing that much in an acoustic bass, when I never really use them live. For the price, this is a decent bass, it would be an even better deal if they still threw in the case though.

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