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Dave Wiese

Fender Mark Hoppus Signature Bass Guitar

Sound Quality

I actually have a LP Blue American Standard Precision (one of the last made in that finish) with the same pickup as the Hoppus and I love the sound of the SPB-3's (Quarterpound P pickup). It has more kick then a standard P pickup, but maintains the whole vintage vibe surprisingly well. All a 500k tone pot does is take away from your output, even if the pots turned up to max, I actually use Fender No-Load Tone pots in my other basses to eliminate the tone circuit without completely removing it. The Hoppus has a great springy P-bass sound, great for punk rock or any pickstyle rock. This bass sucks for slapping, but (I feel) so do all P-basses without a bridge pickup of some type. The higher mass of the body and the string through bridge add tons of sustain.


This was bought as a backup to my American Standard P-bass, but is getting about 50/50 use. Like all fenders, the only gripe i really have is in the bridge, but Leo Quan makes a better replacement for these: the Badass III, which I will eventually put on this thing. In Fender's defense, their American Standard series now have a better bridge then the classic Fender bridge.

General Comments

Out of all the Fender Artist Series, this is one of the few that are a great representation of what the astists bass is. The main differences I can tell from the actual basses Hoppus uses is in the necks, and the finishes, but if the Fender Custom Shop were making the ones availible to us; they'd be in the same pricerange as the Clapton Strat. The Hoppus is a great simplified P-bass, plain and simple, but the pickup gives it a bit more power. It may be a bit harsh for some, but it does maintain a vintage quality.

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