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Sound Quality

I had gotten this pedal in a trade (for a DD5) and gave it to my guitarist. Since then I've had some really nice analog chorus' such as an EH Small Clone, and a Rockman Stereo Chorus unit. I also had a Boss CH-1. Now i need a chorus pedal again, and my guitarist gave me back the CS5. Oh the irony... I'm a snob when it comes to analog effects. I have yet to find a digital chorus that sounds anywhere near as good as ANY analog chorus. The CS5 sounds quite similar to the EH. Great chorus sound from such a crappy little pedal. As far as noise, you're just gonna expierence some noise in chorus, it's just gonna happen. The only reasons I can see not liking this pedal soundwise are the fact that it's not stereo, and it's not true bypass.


Most CS5 pedals are seen as junk, because they're built that way. I have to give this one a 7 though, because after 16 years, it's still going. The switch is starting to wear out, but I just need it for one show in the next month here.

General Comments

I currently play bass in a pop-punk band, but I've done jass groups, rock, metal, andI'm currently using it for a reunion show for a prog/alternative band I was in. My main hope is that this pedal gets me through the one show. My goalis to have my entire board be truebypass this summer, and I'm thinking I'll replace the old CS5 with a Maxon CS9 (truebypass, and similar to Ibanez CS9, but with 2 extra knobs), which is kinda funny because Maxon originally made the CS5 for Ibanez.

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