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Sound Quality


General Comments

I bought the SM57 in 1993 the same day I bought my SM58. I wasn't really using the SM57 much, so I sold it about a year later to my drummer. Since then every guitarist I've worked with has used these for cab mics. Every show I've played had these for micing the guitar cabs. They sound great for that aplication in rock settings, which is really all I work in anyways.


For vocals though, i was stuck using these a couple times, and wasn't happy. They're terrible vocal mics. Not that my voice is wonderful to begin with, but SM57's really kill my vocals.

Reviewer's Background

I've been playing bass since 1992. I've played various sized gigs in that time, and have used alot of equipment. I haven't done a lot of recording, but have been recorded in professional studios, and basement studios as well.

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