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Sound Quality


General Comments

This is the industry standard dynamic cordial mic of the ages. I bought mine in 1993, and it looks like it just needs a new grille. I mainly have only used this for my vocals, but have used it for recording rough demos. It floors me when anyone says anything negative about this mic. Even if you don't like it, if you're gonna play a show where there's a seperate sound system from your own, it's probably gonna be set with SM58's for vocals. I always figured I should be use to these at practice, because 95% of the shows I've played, I ended up using one of these.


I had lost it for a short time and bought a higher end AKG vocal mic (can't remember what kind, but it's been discontinued). Sound was there, but just not the same. This is the best professional grade mic in its price range. I've considered getting the Beta58, but just can't justify it.

Reviewer's Background

Since 1992, I've been a bass player/backup vocalist with occasional leadsfor jazz ensambles, blues bands, rock bands, metal bands, and am currently working with a pop-punk band. I usually instigate most of the onstage witty retort on stage.

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