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Sound Quality

Without the boost, this is a very weak pedal. I tried the Fuzz-Wah from the same era, and that pedal sounded horible to me. This pedal is a great bass wah, it works for guitars, but excels for bass. It has a super wide sweep range and gets throaty, a good example of this pedals true abilities can be heard on the Metalica box set video from their Justice tour, where Jason Newstead uses it for his massive solo, as well as his intro to "For Whom the Bell Tolls", which is quite different sounding then Cliff Burton's original sound for that sound.


I've had this bastard apart so many times for repairs, but I alsways seem to be able to bring it back to life. Due to the optical circuitry that the pedal runs on, there's always concern for the light bulb.

General Comments

I've gone through many a pedal in my 17 years of playing, and I will never give this pedal up. If I ever come across another one used (these things were made in the 60's), I'd probably grab it. The only downside was the original design with the 2 switches, but my little mod took care of that. I also had a Dunlop Bass wah, which doesn't have nearly the sound of this pedal, this wah is almost an instrument in itself. Plus you can usually find these used for under $50.

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