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Sound Quality

This pickup has highoutput, as one would expect from 18-volt electronics. I currently run this through either my Ampeg SVT-II with SVT810E, or me Eden 4x10 combo, and have run it through a Mesa Bass 400, SWR heads (pre-Fender), and straight into PAs, the electronics are actually good enough to work that way. The tone really excels throughout the spectrum. I've used it for everything from small jazz combos to street punk/oi, and though a bit too nice sounding for the latter, it will work. EMGs tend to be rather clean, but able to growl. The bass cuts through great without ever being too boomy, and the highs I usually turn down, as they can be shrill when the treble's maxed.


General Comments

Great pickup for this type of bass. As a pair, it sounds great too, but for that tonal variety of trying to nail certain bass sounds (Modulus advertises "The sound in your head is in this bass" with their EMG equipped Quantum basses), you might prefer a P-J configuration (Spectors offer a choice on the DC's or P-J). I don't play alot of 5-string, but every 5-string I've ever liked had EMG DC pickups.

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