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Dave Wiese

Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Interesting. I modded this and a TS9 simultaneously. My TS9DX was a first run so there is a flaw to the design that Ibanez corrected in the next run on, this affects the drive. There's a mod for this that Analogman does which I tried to do myself but to no avail. In TS9 mode it sounds like the modded TS9 with less gain. I use this pedal for bass thus I did no "Mode Mods". In plus mode, you get a great bass response and a warmer sound. Turbo has less distortion but more gain. Turbo is quite muddy, similar to an SWR Interstellar preamp. The TS9, and TS9DX are both quieter then a Boss SD-1, and aren't quite as fuzzy.


I've had the pedal since the year it was released (98 I do believe) and the switch works fine. I had to replace 1 knob due to dropage, but that wasn't too bad.

General Comments

Great for bass (which is why I purchased it). On guitar the higher 3 modes don't quite cut it, but for bass, it's great.

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