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Sound Quality

Modulus basses (even this old), have incrible sustain. The tone versatility is incredible. Booming lows, extreme highs, and tremendous warmth, while still having enough bright character for pick style. I traded for this as a back-up to my Modulus SPi Sweetspot Custom. The 2 basses sounded similar, but the Quantum had more tonal range having 2 pickups. Great output with the elecctronics.


Now the negative. After a few months the neck developed a buzz. Older Modulus necks had no trussrod, thus the only hope I had to get rid of the buzz, was to try adjusting the bridge. Boy did that not work. I was going to try and get a new neck for it but decided to trade it for a PRS CE bass instead. My other Modulus I've had since '94, and it's still going strong to this day.

General Comments

It was a great bass while it lasted, actually, it's probably serving somone else just fine, but when it comes to high end basses, I tend to be picky. This was the only Modulus I've heard of having problems, so it was probably a fluke.

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