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Sound Quality

For a cheap used amp, it was impressive. Great for garage rock and some metal. I'm a bass player who bought it on a whim, to just have around. It sounded better then my guitarists Yorkville, thus he bought it off of me. It had a good crunch, and didn't sound tiny like so many solid state budget combo. It was traded for the head version, which sounded terrible.


Built solid, we were caught up in a major downpour and had to carry this thing 4 blocks to get out of the rain and it still kept going. I don't remember even a blemish on the tolex, and it had been around.

General Comments

For $250, this was a nice little amp. I have an ART Attack module now that doesn't sound quite as good. To really get a better sound out of a solid state you really have to go over the $500 mark.

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