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Sound Quality

I tested this side by side with an new EH Small Clone. The sound was very similar. The CS10 is a great sounding analog chorus that can get burried with high distortion. I've been told that the CS10 has the same curcuitry as the CS9 but with a different casing, from what I can tell after doing a little research, the original CS9 was made by Maxon where as the 10 series seems a bit different. Newer reissue CS9's are no longer made by Maxon and my guess is they are made of lesser componants (as the TS9 reissues are made in Taiwan and acording to Analogman, have fragile boards). Of course being an Ibanez pedal, it's not true bypass.


The 10 series(and even worse, the 5 series) is plastic cased which makes durability questionable. I haven't had much experience with 10 series pedals but I've had poor results with 5 series pedals. This pedal's lasted this long though, which says alot, considering it was made between 1986 and 1988.

General Comments

Great analog sound, kind of a cheap vintage find. The casing worries me a bit, and the jacks would too if I didn't mount effects into a pedalboard.

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