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Dave Wiese

Marshall GV-2 Guvnor Plus Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Knowing that Marshall's been using a solid state boost circuit in their JCM900's and JCM2000's, I asked the sales manager (a huge Marshall aficionado) for a pedal that could duplicate that. This is what he recomended. I use it for highgain distortion on my bass rig, but have tried it on guitar as well. This pedal works great. Enogh bottom and the highs can scream. The other pedal I was contemplating was a Sanamp Classic, and the Gov'nor II was quite capable of reaching that level of sound quality. It may not sound "just like" a Marshall all tube head, but it definitely has the flavor of the overdrive circuit.


I'd heard negative things about how well this pedal's built, but mines been going for 5 years now. The only downside I've found is that the stacked pots don't move smoothly when adjusting them individually, but not too big of a deal for me, I could see it being a problem for making quick changes in live situations.

General Comments

Great pedal for a great price. I wouldn't recomend running it if you're already running a good all-tube highgain head, but then again, why would anyone pay the price for a all-tube highgain head and run a distortion pedal through it.

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