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Dave Wiese

Fender 60s Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The Japanese strats have always been a great budget alternative to its more expensive US counterpart. Bright traditional strat sound, capible of the "strat quack". Tone wise this thing is much nicer than any of the Mexicans I've heard. Fender shifted the production of these to Mexico, but you can still buy a Fernandez equivalent of this, it just has a different head stock (and name).


No problems. I put straplocks on it, but if it came with them, it wouldn't be a 60's. All the things I wished it had, weren't on the true 60's Strats, so I knew what I was getting into. I usually look at fenders as a neck and a body, all else can be replaced with aftermarket parts (alot of which I like better then stock Am Std Strats).

General Comments

Great guitar for any price. Sadowsky recently started having a Japanese builder start a series of budget basses, which says alot. Anyone who has that stigma of "it has to be American" when it comes to Fender, they should really get over it. I've heard speculation (from several dealers) that American Fenders have alot of Mexican made parts, and due to California emission laws, they can't paint all their guitars in Corona anyway.

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