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Sound Quality

To "anonymous and annoyed" (previous reviewer) and anyone else down on this pedal; BOSS doesn't make any true bypass pedals. If you're worldly enough to notice the tone drop, you should know this. Boss pedals are not expensive boutique pieces. Most of us who can't drop $300 a pedal, are gonna have some fet pedals; Ibanez, Boss, etc. The nice thing about this pedal is that in bypass mode, you're running through one tone altering "bypass" instead of all your pedals. If you want true bypass, expect to pay more or get a soldering iron and go nuts.


Boss pedals are practically indestructable. This one is no exception. It doubles as a power supply via daisy chain which is a very big plus.

General Comments

Great $80 line selector for anyone who wants to stick with pedals. Sure you can pay a fortune for a bradshaw selector, or something along those lines, but that may run you into the poor house not to mention over complicate your life.

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