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T.J. Fuller

BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

I was looking to get more drive with sustain, so I could back off of using pre-amp gain - I'm using this pedal as a non-coloring overdrive. I'm still experimenting with my effects chain- which are Boosta Grande >MXR (EVH) Flanger>MXR Block logo phase 90>EQ> BBE Sonic Stomp Echoplex ep-3 for delay post amp signal. I use a variety of amps Marshall,Ampeg,Laney etc.(all tube) I think this pedal actually helps bring some underlying harmonic overtones out ( in a good way )


I have owned a BBE Sonic Stomp for a year Very solid pedals!

General Comments

For 79.99 this does everything as advertised - nothing more and nothing less.


I'm sick of BOSS pedals that continue to screw with my tone!!!


I'm getting closer to the tone I'm looking for(early VH) with a basic arsenal of quality MXR and BBE pedals.


I've been playing since 1982 - This is one of the better NEW pedals out there!

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