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Sound Quality

Its pretty good. It is mostly "transparent." I have a PTP Metroamp 50 watt plexi board installed in an old Laney 30 watt head. No effects loop, so all effects are in front of the amp. I have found that the GE-7 adds some noise to my signal (obviously, especially when it is boosting the signal), and especially when using in front of a high gain pedal. I determined that the level of noise is unacceptable. I have ordered the tone-jam.com "Sniper" kit for this thing and hopefully it will reduce the level of noise added to my signal. Bottom line, its not studio quality. But it is good enough for the gig. I just can't use it in front of a distortion box.


General Comments

Bottom line, is that EQ is almost an essential "effect." It is one of the most important parts of your signal (I guess unless you are a "no effects" guy, guitar straight to amp). Most people do not know this, go out and buy a pedal and may be dissatisfied with it. Unless you have an EQ pedal, you are taking a gamble that the proper frequencies are not being emphasized. It will just be by chance if everything works out.


Before you purchase another pedal, I'd say if you don't have an EQ pedal, get one. It really can turn a effect which sounds ho-hum into a delicious sound.


These are pretty good and cheap used, but mine makes a bit too much noise (I guess that's why they make the noise suppressor pedal...).

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