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Sound Quality

Yes its nosiy but in some situations this can be pleaseing as in the effect ,ADD AIR were you need the digital stuff to have a analog effect or sizzle plate a bright plate but the highs are cut shorter in the reflections so there is less noise. There are some unsual effects as with flying duckler , reverb is only added by certian volumes and extents when the input stops a comp of pitch dec rev and a gate. Or 12 stringer , a comp of tap delay and mod delay the sound dispenses with a beutifull transent feeling or Step plated rev , a bright plate is send trought a shallow rhythimically stepping phaser were only certian brigth sounds are in time with the rythym of the phase and for all you surfers the vibro - room will get you on the beach or for any of you whom need the sound of a tape reel to reel stopping or going its in there still need that sound of a telephone no problem .kick drum progam is sweet


you will not like the units sound if its distorting and man its sensitive... green.. in coming orange im working like a top spinning ...red NOT REALIBLE This unit is happist and quiet when send to a send and return on a board or a Daw its got a guitarist attidue, tunner amp simulateing effect but the cpu inside is reliable it has two storage units one for presets and one you have to fill so get creative as ...heck(hell). But be warned if you have to change the battery all is lost! Use the freeze progam .the vocal canceler. the reverse pitch the compresser eq comp . the midi .access the systems mode or just go to the program old records and listen to your work

General Comments

if it blew up id repair it for under a hundred dollars or miss the effects if it were more but its a classic there is nothing like it ..the sounds are sony sounds not lexicons or tc or midi verbs or spx 90 there are more sounds in this unit than the lxp-1 and 5 put together

it is a geek tool no set up and go here be prepared to hown your sound explore and find a effect that makes the mix origanal dont get one to set on top of your guitar rig put it next to pro tools or analog mixers or a send and return on a already set and go effect unit for your guitar with time set a side to add the effect that is needed but stay creative!

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