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Sound Quality

If you like the britsh sounding amps ie a VOX or Marshall this absolutly is the amp. It has Two channels a clean and a lead. The clean being very clear and jangly like a vox ac-30 the lead with a ballsy overdriven sound like a marshal jcm. Everything in between crossing Orange Amps sound. When kranked to the max the clean will break up slightly but remains totally clean untill 8. The lead channel is voiced relitivly lightly. When ordring a hawkins amp one of the many perks is before I took it home I got to work out the voicing. It has the possibility to be full on cruch but i chose as lesser distrotion because of the different effects I run on my board. It obviously works well with a strat. On clean I can get those chimey tones like the edge. It is spot on for a hendrix type of break up. With a tele it is super jangly and sounds amazing. I will say for me it sounds the best with a les paul. Really does the Jimmy Page black dog thing spot on. Also gets that early Eric Clapton with cream sound amazing. I could go on but truly it is the ultimate british rock guitar tone. Very little noise even when fully cranked. It is super touch sensitive and responds amazingly to pedals and effects It is a fuller deeper and warmer then any production amp. It really does have that boutique sound people pay allot of money for. It is very stright forward and simplistic yet diverse to cover a full gambit of sounds.


Absolutly no problems with it. I use this amp and only this amp when I play out and practice. It is all I need.


General Comments

This is the very first serial number 001 Proto of a new venture from Chad Hawkins called the Hawkins BC-30 (British Combo 30)This amp has been in the works for almost a year and truly supasses all of my expectations.I have been playing for 14 years and teaching guitar full time for four years. I short I am more then satisfyied with my amp. So glad I got this amp instead of a Vox AC 30. I have a clean 73 super reverb silver face modded by Chad as well. It is wonderful for the blues and clean sound. This amp is total rock and roll. It the end of the day I really feel that for the price there is no better amp I have ever played. I would not trade or sell this amp if it was ever damaged I would want another exactlly like it.

Reviewer's Background

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