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Sound Quality

When you combine reverb with distortion you get some darn freaky results.  Although MangledVerb offers some straight-up presets to add zing to your drums and other instruments, those with a longer decay and more drive are fantastically unique and sometimes downright creepy and eerie.  This plug-in derives from the Eventide H9 hardware (combining a variable pre-delay into a stereo reverb, then into a distortion), and although the algorithm can allow for some lush reverbs, you can make them extremely edgy and chaotic for a modern and industrialized sound. 


MangledVerb is very flexible as you can have mono-in/mono-out, mono-in, stereo-out or stereo-in/stereo out (for those who don’t care if it’s mono and for those who demand nothing but stereo).  And although ideal for studio use, it was designed for live use, as well.  The Ribbon feature control allows you to program two settings/combinations while transitioning between the two; and the HotSwitch permits you to jump instantly to alternate settings at the push (click) of a button.  Other useful features include the Wobble control (for detuning effects) and the MixLock (which keeps the wet/dry mix constant while scrolling through presets).  With over 180 presets at your disposal, several are artist-based, from the likes of Vernon Reid, Danny Gomez, Headsnack, Richard Devine, Symbion Project and others.




Operating Windows 7, 64-Bit with Cakewalk's Sonar X3 DAW without any issues.


Reasonably priced at $99, it offers a lot of tweakability and live on-the-fly options.

General Comments

If you're looking for this plug-in and a LOT more, you may want to consider the Eventide H9 (hardware) for $399

Reviewer's Background

Brian Johnston is a guitar gear enthusiast who likes to develop reviews and demo videos on stuff he likes.  His YouTube channel is CoolGuitarGear.

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