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Sound Quality

If you get a chance to own one of these you must snap it up. Created here in the UK. There simply is nothing that has been created still to match the excellent ATD bridge that this thing has. So flexible, reliable and strobe accurate tuning capability. I am lucky and have access to lots of high end gear. I don't write reviews often, but felt I must with this as I don't often stumble across game changing gear that makes our lives much easier. An easier life makes us sound and play better. The base guitar is good. It's not a Suhr or PRS quality level but it's as good as most and better than my USA fenders its modelled on for example. Its solid alder body and decent rosewood neck with good fretting. 24 frets and a more modern radius suits me well and the body is also nicely contoured. The hardware is great as Wilkinson and all works exceptionally well. Nothing to fault at all on the fit and finish - all good stuff. Sound is excellent and very flexible. The Wilkinson pickups may seem an unexciting option in the world of boutique sets, but they sound great and have a good blend of traditional Vs modern tones. The varicoil feature is great. Massive flexibility with HSH combinations and ability to split down the coils on the buckers. You could of course swap them out for your boutiques. I have many sets of pickups in other guitars. Actives, Passives. Varying output levels. Duncans / Dimarzios / EMG's / Bare Knuckles etc to various one off hand custom wounds and only a few sound 'better' in my opinion. I've left them in. The reason I give this five stars is not because the guitar sounds 'better' than all my others, but it is always perfectly tuned and intonated at the touch of a button to strobe accuracy.  And it stays in tune! If you want best tone, this is a pre requisite...None of my other guitars can do this.


I have two of these (Black and Sunburst) that I bought for silly money used. They didn't seem to catch on. No idea why as when you try one, you wont want to use anything else. Where else can you get a gigging tool that can strobe accurately tune between six different tunings at the touch of a button. No more dicking about on stage tuning up manually and swapping multiple guitars out. Turn up with this and you're done.I have had no issues with any part of the guitar or bridge over multiple uses and several years.Considering the complexity of the bridge and what this has to do this is game changing technology.


These were £1200 when new which may have put a few off as I guess you could have picked up a used Suhr or something for not masses more at the time. I bought mine for less than a cheap beginners squire or similar, which is ludicrous. They are worth £1K in my opinion for the reasons above. The ATD bridge these load with are unique and only found on these. It's worth buying for the bridge alone as they can be retrofitted on a strat etc with little modding.Only 250 or so ever made and I think most of these may be in UK / Europe. Find one and keep hold of it!

General Comments

I really cant emphasise as a gigging guitarist how much you need one of these. I use a bunch of tunings and this is the only 'self tuning guitar' that I have tried that works properly. Kudos JHS, Trevor Wilkinson and ATD.  Tried Gibson's robot tuners for example and the Variax emulated tuning . They're nowhere near in accuracy.  

Reviewer's Background

I have been a guitarist for 25+ years and have been through all types of gear, styles and fads. I currently own some 20+ guitars, 10+ tube amps, Preamps, Pedals, Midi switchers, Axe Fx's etc. So I have owned, currently own and seen it all. 

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