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Sound Quality

The Mitchell MO-100S is an OM sized guitar that retails in the $150-$200 range, so intended primarily as a entry-level instrument.  The S indicates that it has a solid spruce top, which puts it a step above the bottom rung of acoustic guitars.  I used my 1975 Yamaha FG-170 (OM sized) as a reference.  Compared to it, the Mitchell sounds bright, less bass, not as resonate, and a bit boxy.  Not to say that the Mitchell sounds bad, it's actually quite good, and will probably improve with age.


This is a solid spruce top guitar with some type of mahogany back, sides, and neck.  The fingerboard and bridge are East Indian Rosewood.  The nut and saddle are plastic.  It has sealed tuners which are serviceable.  The neck is slim and comfortable.  Fit and finish are good.  It's actually a quite attractive guitar.  I could not find any flaws.  I seems to be a sturdy guitar that would be reliable.  Tone and tuning stability might be improved by replacing the nut and saddle with bone or Tusq.  When I got it, the string action was a bit high but still playable.


I bought this used from Goodwill Online auction for $39 shipped.   This will not be one of my main guitars.  I intend to leave it at church for the few times I'm called on to play an acoustic rather than electric, or for anyone else to use.   Or I might give it to someone who can't afford a guitar.  I give away lots of guitars.If I was looking to spend $200 on a new guitar, I would probably pass this over for a Yamaha FG-800 or the equivalent Alvarez, which I think are better sounding guitars.  But having said that, the Mitchell is a solid guitar that holds its own against most of its competition.

General Comments

Bottom line, this is a decent guitar, but not best in class.  It's smaller size would be good for kids or smaller individuals, but it gives up some of the bass response compared to a dreadnaught sized guitar.   The Mitchell MO-100S would be suitable as an entry level guitar or as a backup or second instrument that you wouldn't be afraid to take camping or places where you might not want to take a more expensive guitar.

Reviewer's Background

I am a guitar tech/luthier with my own shop, and  I've been playing for almost 50 years.  I've worked on and played thousands of guitars over the years., from cheapies to ultra high-end.  I have lots of guitars.  The acoustics I play most are the dreadnaught I built myself, a Martin OMCPA4, a Guild D-35, and several Yamahas from the '70s.

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