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Sound Quality

Great, with the right speakers.  I put Celestion Greenbacks in mine.   KILLER.


This is an underrated cabinet, along with its straight front bottom brother.  It's very well made using 11 ply void free Birch plywood (18mm) and is far closer in construction and design to Marshall 1960/1960A cabinets than most people realize.    This is no piece of particle board POOP.   It's a good cabinet, and if you care to do it, you can recover it and make it almost identical to a Marshall 1960/A cabinet.


I"ve bought two for under 100 dollars, loaded.  That's a great deal even if they had no speakers in them, at that price.

General Comments

They come with Celestion

G12P80s, which really aren't bad speakers.  In fact those speakers

sound great when you stick them in a Fender combo amp.   But the thing

to do is to buy this cabinet cheap and then put Greenbacks or your other

favorite speakers in it.  You get a LOT of bang for the buck when you

do that. And with them being made out of good quality 18mm Baltic Birch plywood, and not particle board or MDF, they're a screaming deal.

Reviewer's Background

I've been building and playing guitars and making speaker cabinets since the mid 80s.   www.matthewsguitars.com

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