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Sound Quality

Stock JBL 12 Made my Mitchell sound great in 60 watt mode


Hauled and Played it for 5 years before going to college. It still looks new and sounds great. Gonna get a tuneup. It never broke down. Did have boogie tubes added in shortly after purchase, as recommended by some respected bay area musicians.


Mesa Boogies were 6 to 9 months backlogged and more expensive, and I liked this amps sound despite it not having Reverb. It still rocks despite being highly knocked by other makers.

General Comments

When a company brings out a new product, they commission a company to build initial products for them. My Mitchell Pro 100 is one of those. It was likely built in the same factory as the Mesa amps. Every clone was mocked and knocked, and those that competed with Mesa were sued.  Mitchell took the money and ran. I took the badge off of mine, and while I'd like a Mesa, I would also like a TRAINWRECK or 2. Alice, Nancy, Linda.

Reviewer's Background

I started in the 70s in a band called Destiny and played lead/rhythm guitar. Sang lead, in bay area,  Berkeley, east bay..Grew up just down from Fogerty's and got my butt beat by Tom at foosball table in Keystone Berkeley.  I went to Tahoe in late 78 and started RIDGERUNNER with some great players up there. Did originals in both bands. I wrote new tunes constantly. Never had complaints about my rig or guitars, always seemed accepted for my originals.  Gonna try it again now that I'm in 60s. Never to old to rock and roll. Just dont die!!!  That stops you everytime.

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