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2018 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe pro player Limited run Vintage sunburst

Sound Quality

Super hot mini-humbuckers with no screws. Kinda like firebird minis. These things have bite. With the non-weight relief body, it's got the wood to back up the sustain and tone. This gives it the bark and bite!


I think this is a reliable guitar. It's built like a tank. I don't care for the 'Satin' finish. I hate when Gibson does these cheap finishes or lack of finishes: 'Satin' or 'Faded'. Or 'we scratched this finish and call it, worn!' This is a solid guitar! I've always wanted a LP Deluxe and this was op at a decent price!


The price was decent, well, it was marked down because it's a 2018 being sold as new in 2019. I think it was still hanging on a wall in a GC in Cali because it had some store user rash! Nothing major, but still.

General Comments

Cool op to get a deluxe and a decent price! And it came with a case. WOW! When you get a case with a guitar from Gibson, then you've hit the jackpot.

Reviewer's Background

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