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2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Sound Quality

Sounds as good as any Les Paul I've ever played. This isn't weight-relieved, so you get those pieces of wood back for the sustain it's supposed to have. Go figure!


This thing's a tank: mahogany body with maple top and maple neck. And we're talkin' the 50's neck with some chunk. Not quite a '58 baseball bat, but the '59 chunk!


I don't feel like these guitars should be priced the way that they are priced. Over 2K is too much. I would feel more comfy between the $1k-$1500 range.

General Comments

Beautiful finish and the closest I'll ever get to a real 1959 standard. Some QC issues which I feel still need to be addressed with Gibson. Other than that, it's a solid guitar!

Reviewer's Background

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