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Sound Quality

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE AMP!The quality of sound from the Traynor K-4 keyboard amp, in my opinion was mediocre at best. The mid range was fairly good for organ & piano sounds, but this machine was definitely lacking in low register, especially for how extremely heavy it was, (about 80 lbs).      So much for the powerful 200W woofer with It’s own 200 W.amp.       Even with the separate 50W drivers for the stereo midrange/tweeters, this Amp never really did deliver the sound quality I expected for such an expensive amp. $1400.00!Synths & brass were tinny, & cheap. It made drum beats sound just plain trashy, it wasn’t really stereo, and my old Roland 120 W KC350 with 12” woofer & small tweeter, I purchased in 2010, (9 years ago) produces almost as much sound and better quality with much fuller rounder bass response than my Traynor I got in 2017.My Roland is much better and only weighs about 46 lbs.It STILL WORKS.  I CAN’T SAY AS MUCH FOR THE TRAYNOR K-4! MINE IS DEAD.The K4 did handle multiple keyboards pretty well, with minimal clipping. It wasn’t too bad as a mixing amp, but sonically it sure wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.


After only a few gigs, and relatively careful handling, my K-4 was showing signs of wear and tear, and making bang & clang sounds like a broken tube or something loose inside the cabinet when I moved it. I never used it without a good power strip with surge protection, but it suddenly stopped functioning entirely at a high end, sophisticated public concert performance at a very exclusive winery setting in western Pa., in front of an audience.It RUINED the entire show for me, and the band I was working with was very disappointed with me and my Traynor.I only owned it about 1 year before it SHIT THE BED.Guess what Yorkville/Traynor told me when I asked them for support? “Sorry we discontinued that model, we cannot offer any support.”“Contact a repair shop.”     I was never able to get it to work again. I’m assuming an internal fuse blew or the switched power supply burned up.A repair shop estimated a very costly price to fix this hunk of junk and I fear its only future use now, is a role as a speaker cabinet, cause the head is DEAD.What kind of IDIOTS would make this type of SHIT?


The Traynor K-4 is about the most overrated piece of overpriced shit I’ve ever wasted my money on. It was broken within a year.At $1400, it cost almost 3 times as much as my Roland KC350.My Roland still Works.More than I can say about my Traynor.

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I’m a career professional musician,  I’ve played in public since I was a young  grade school aged child in the early 1980s.I’ve toured with pro bands since I quit high school and went on  the road with production companies in the early 1990s.My dad was a keyboard player and I followed in his footsteps.I’m  Mike Randolph Jr.; founder and CEO of my own original band “Jahouija Bones “, 

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