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Sound Quality

Ok I bought this Floyd Rose equiped twin humbucker plus a single pickup guitar cheap on eBay. I wasn't expecting miracles but always liked Washburn guitars after my first decent electric was a Washburn KC series Floyd model which a later sold on.. This is a mostly good spec guitar with nice hardwood body, fast 24 fret rosewood fronted neck & decent licenced chrome Floyd trem with locking nut. Only gripe is pickups were a bit lame but I upgraded these with some Mighteymite Motherbuckers & boy did it sort the sound. Now gives a wide variety of tones with plenty of grunt for overdrive distortion & great clean tone too..! If u can find a good cheap one defo worth a punt..


Good solid build with plenty of good quality parts Inc Grover tuners. Mine now has better pickups & rewired for twin master volume on humbuckers.!


Yep good spec for price even new, let alone the £45 I paid for it used.

General Comments

Go buy one as worth playing around with.!

Reviewer's Background

Enthusiastic home player, have jammed live before but not played in bands. Like wide variety of music from Clasdical, though blues, rock & heavy metal.

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