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Sound Quality

At first when I tried it in the music store ,Sam Ash ,I heard the sounds to be super but when I got home the ones I had liked were not good at a distance but I soon found some that were good far enough away,such as 194  dualed with 207 . 194 alone's good too. The keyboard  is justified to me by those voices. It sounds wonderful but not super duper.


seems very sturdy like it would bounce if dropped but not from high,it would break with a tall enough drop.


with the useful sounds it has it was worth my 179.99 so I find it a good value.

General Comments

A good lower priced keyboard with the useful sounds hidden in it that sound wonderful even though not super duper.

Reviewer's Background

I have been playing electronic keyboard since 1996 and I jam with my Bass Playing brother from time to time.

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